Unveiling Success: Empowering Clients' Stories with Life Coach

For the longest time, I felt as if no one really understood what I was feeling as I never considered them to be real problems. Even if I did, I thought that there were so many people struggling with so much more and I was just overthinking. I’ve always considered myself to be very ambitious and driven, always making plans for the future and trying to be organised. When I first met Ieva, I instantly felt a connection between us, as if she’s just understood what I’ve been trying to explain my whole life, to myself and others, in just one sitting. I feel like a lot of my stress occurs from thinking about the future and how I might not be able to accomplish all that I want to. I needed a track and was unable to find it for a long time. Before working with Ieva, my main outlet to help me get on track was journaling. I love to bullet journal my habits and also write a daily journal to wind down at the end of the day. However, that was it! I never really asked for any help from anyone and didn’t even think it to be an option for myself. Having seen Ieva in action in person instantly made me realise that she has a talent for working with people like me. With such ease, she was not only able to understand what I was saying but empathise with me like no one ever has. Throughout my sessions with Ieva, I felt motivated like never before. She encouraged exercises that consisted of my current habits (such as journaling)! It’s difficult to put into words how driven and supported I felt to make decisions, take the risks I needed to, and feel good about myself. For the first time, I felt like I was on track with what I wanted to do, and even set more goals for myself! I’m someone who worries a lot and sometimes is unable to take a step because I’ve built up so much stress in my mind about it. Ieva helped me unwind all these thoughts in my head, put things into perspective and take the leap I needed. I wasn’t used to talking to anyone about my problems, but just one session later with Ieva, I felt like I was talking to a friend as every session was so personalised to my needs by her. I had a session once at the end of each week, and it helped me tremendously! Now that I know how to regulate myself a little better, I’m confident and comfortable with having fewer sessions a month! In my opinion, everyone should opt for a life coach service even if they think they don’t need it because that’s exactly what I thought as well! It was not till Ieva came into my life that I realised I have much more potential than I'm aware of! I’ve already discussed my experience of Ieva’s life coaching with my friends and family and I will continue to convince people too! Thank you for your services Ieva!

Imaan Naveed,


Working with my life coach has been a turning point in my life: When I started, I was struggling with time management in my thesis work. I hadn't tried anything else to solve this problem before. What stood out about my life coach was her practical approach. Each session provided me with valuable tools and a new perspective. The most significant breakthrough was mastering time management and daily mindfulness to reduce stress. My favorite thing about working with her was the easy communication and flexible scheduling. I can honestly say there wasn't anything I didn't like about our sessions. In a nutshell, I'd describe her as a professional, flexible, and solution-oriented life coach who's open to feedback. While there was an initial focus on recommendations, after my feedback, our sessions became more collaborative, which I appreciated. I'd wholeheartedly recommend her to a friend because she's punctual, adaptable, and genuinely helpful in overcoming challenges.

Gedion Jansen,


I was facing a period of significant career transition. I felt stuck in my current job and unsure about the next steps in my professional life. I was also experiencing challenges in maintaining a work-life balance and struggling with self-confidence issues. The decision to seek a life coach was driven by my desire for guidance and support in navigating these challenges and achieving personal and professional fulfilment. I attempted to address my career concerns independently by researching different career paths, networking with professionals, and even seeking advice from friends and family. However, I found it challenging to create a clear and actionable plan for myself. Rather than just focusing on immediate issues, Ieva emphasized the development of skills and a mindset that would contribute to long-term personal and professional growth. During coaching sessions, I have experienced a shift in my mindset. Through Ieva's coaching, I gained awareness of negative thought patterns. Ieva's coaching service is defined by her kind and clear communication. Her emphasis on actionable steps is an effective strategy for fostering positive changes. I would recommend this coaching service to anyone. Ieva's passion, “mindfulness approach”, kindness and preparation make you a promising coach.

-Sonia Marcantonio